Our New Home: mbe.cpa FAQs

MBE CPAs has a new address at mbe.cpa!

Why the move?

In short, it’s more secure! Domains ending in .cpa are gated domains (like .gov, .edu, or .bank) and are only available to verified CPA firms, whereas .com or .org can be purchased by anyone. By moving to a more secure domain it protects both our data and yours from phishing and other security threats with a harder-to-spoof online identity. So please be sure to look for the ‘.cpa’ in our website URL to quickly verify that the website you are visiting is authentically from our firm, and continue interacting with confidence.

Do I need to do anything differently with this move?

It’s pretty simple, and not much is required on your end. If you use bookmarks on your web browser then feel free to update your bookmark with our new address. Also, keep a lookout for more news from us as we finalize the transition of this move.


What’s next?

We will soon be transitioning our email addresses to .cpa as well, but in the meantime, we are still using .com at the end of our emails. When we make this transition, we will be sure to let you know!

If you have concerns or questions please call (608) 356-7733.

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