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Business Consulting & Advisory

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Partner with Professionals Who Understand Your Business

We bring an impartial perspective to examine your business and a comprehensive understanding of its inner workings as if we were owners ourselves. Our partners have personal experience in owning and operating small to medium-sized companies. With their extensive management background, our business consulting and advisory services draw upon their industry knowledge and personal expertise to help our clients achieve their goals.

Strategic Planning and Growth

Proven Strategies for Growth and Profitability

Accurate Business Valuations for Informed Decision-Making

From mergers and acquisitions to financial planning and strategic decisions, our valuations provide you with the insights you need to make sound business decisions. We provide accurate and timely valuations whether you want to sell your business, determine its worth, or make investment decisions.

Expert Business Entity Selection for Maximum Benefits

Choose the proper legal structure for your business to maximize benefits and minimize risks. Our expert team will analyze your business goals, tax obligations, and liability concerns to guide you in selecting the most suitable business entity.

Guiding Your Business Journey: Buying, Selling, and Business Start-Up

Whether you’re buying or selling a business or starting your venture, our team will provide support throughout the process. We navigate complex legal and financial considerations, ensuring a smooth transition and helping you achieve your business objectives.

Guiding Your Business Journey

Effective Debt Management and Financing Solutions

We’ll help you analyze your debt, explore financing options, and develop strategies to reduce financial strain. We assist you in structuring debt, refinancing, and managing cash flow to ensure a healthy financial position and enable business growth.

Accurate and Timely Payroll Processing 

Our expertise includes providing guidance on payroll tax regulation compliance, implementing compensation structures, guaranteeing adherence to wage-hour laws, and managing benefit plan deductions and contributions.

Financial Forecasts and Projections for Better Planning 

We utilize sophisticated forecasting tools to provide accurate financial insights. We help you anticipate future trends, assess the impact of business decisions, and align your strategies accordingly, ensuring your business remains on a path to success.


Smooth Business Transitions: M&A and Succession Planning 

Identify Weaknesses and Mitigate Risks with Internal Controls Assessment 

Identify weaknesses in your internal controls and implement procedures to mitigate risks with our Agreed Upon Procedures/Internal Controls Assessment services. Our team conducts comprehensive assessments to evaluate the effectiveness of your internal controls. Using our findings, we recommend solutions that strengthen your internal controls and reduce vulnerabilities.

Industry Benchmarking and Financial Analysis for Performance Improvement 

Gain valuable insights into your industry’s performance and identify areas for improvement. Our professionals compare your critical financial metrics to industry standards, evaluating your performance and recognizing growth opportunities.

Custom Retirement Plans for Business Objectives and Employee Benefits 

Design retirement plans that align with your business objectives and provide attractive employee benefits. We consider factors such as tax advantages, employee demographics, and long-term goals to create retirement plans that foster employee retention and provide financial security.

Maximize Tax Advantages with Like-Kind Exchanges Consulting 

We provide consulting services to guide you through the complex process of like-kind exchanges (1031/Starker Exchanges). We help you identify eligible properties, structure transactions, and review tax implications, maximizing your tax benefits.

M&A and Succession Planning

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Strategic Planning and Growth