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Whether planning for your family’s financial future or preparing your business for an upcoming growth wave, our team will provide you with integrated solutions to help your family and business succeed.

Finance, 401k, retirement plan

Personalized financial planning with a fiduciary focus! MBE Wealth helps young professionals, red-zone retirees, and business owners.


Having an all-in-one payroll and employee management system is a game-changer. Payroll Solutions provides comprehensive services to expedite the payroll process for businesses.

MBE Family Services
Brand House Marketing Logo

Whether you need to design a new website or redesign your current site, we have you covered.

Human Resource

Providing HR Support To Meet The Needs Of Your Business! Your success depends on getting human resources right. Workforce Solutions helps take care of your human capital so you can take care of business.

Real Estate Management Solutions

Do you work in real estate, or do you own multiple properties? Real Estate Management Solutions is a platform that expedites the property management processes.


No matter the size of your business, goVirtualOffice can help you accelerate and improve the accuracy of your manual processes, including reporting procedures, spreadsheet recording, and more.

MBE Family Services

Storage property management with secure storage! With Secure Storage you receive many of the same benefits as a property owner does with Real Estate Management Solutions, LLC



Savvy Business Brokers has a roster of business brokers and merger and consolidation advisors who will accompany you, every step of the way, in reaching your business goals and in preparing your exit plan.

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Our professional accountants are ready to help you with all of your business and personal needs.

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We are excited to announce that MBE CPAs is migrating to .cpa email addresses!