Tax Services

Comprehensive Tax Solutions for You and Your Business

Specialized Tax Guidance & Ongoing Support

At MBE CPAs, we provide industry-leading tax guidance and ongoing support to help you minimize your tax liability and maximize financial success. Focusing on understanding your unique needs, we create customized tax strategies to optimize your tax position while keeping your goals and objectives in mind.

Industry-Specific Tax Strategies

Tax credits and deductions can vary depending on the industry you operate in. Our expertise and experience working across various industries make us well-versed in identifying and leveraging industry-specific tax-saving opportunities. We stay up to date on the latest tax regulations and incentives relevant to your business, allowing us to develop custom strategies that maximize your savings.

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Personalized Approach

Personalized Approach

We go beyond standard tax compliance. Our professionals take a personalized approach to tax planning and guidance, focusing on your needs, goals, and priorities. By customizing our strategies to align with your circumstances, we provide recommendations that maximize your tax benefits and support your long-term financial objectives.

Continued Learning Support

Our commitment to your success goes beyond providing initial tax guidance. The MBE CPAs App lets you stay informed and up-to-date on the latest tax-related developments. From tax alerts to industry-specific insights, it offers valuable resources to inform you about tax matters affecting you. Moreover, we offer continued support to our clients, answering any questions you may have and providing ongoing guidance to help you feel confident in your financial decisions.

Continued Learning Support

Tax & Asset Management for Individuals

A well-designed estate and trust plan empowers you to dictate how your assets will be managed for future generations. Our experts are here to guide and support you through the process and ensure that your primary goals and wishes are accurately crafted and achieved. We consider your income, gift, and estate taxes, carefully considering the best options for your situation and vision. Our approach involves working with your financial planning providers and attorneys to create a collaborative, stress-free process for you and your loved ones.

Divorce and Support Issues

We provide guidance on tax aspects related to alimony, child support, property division, and more to help you make informed financial decisions during this challenging time.

IRS Representation

Dealing with the IRS can be a daunting task. Our Enrolled Agents (EA) can serve as your trusted advocate in dealing with the IRS, representing you in audits, appeals, and other tax-related matters. We are committed to protecting your rights and ensuring a fair resolution to tax disputes.

Financial Planning

Taxes are a crucial component of your overall financial plan. Our tax professionals work closely with our financial planning team to develop strategies that align with your financial goals. We consider your income, investments, retirement plans, and more to provide comprehensive tax planning that maximizes your financial well-being.

Retirement Planning

As you plan for retirement, taxes significantly affect your financial picture. Our experts can help you navigate retirement tax strategies, such as contributing to retirement accounts, managing required minimum distributions (RMDs), and optimizing Social Security benefits. We aim to ensure your retirement funds are taxed efficiently and provide maximum income in your golden years.

Trusts & Estates

Tax Solutions to Optimize Your Business Finances

Tax Preparation & Planning

We specialize in tax preparation for LLCs/LLPs, corporations, nonprofits, and partnerships. Your service team will ensure that your tax returns are accurately prepared and filed in compliance with the latest tax laws and regulations. We’ll help you identify all eligible deductions and credits, optimize tax advantages, and minimize liabilities.

Trusts & Estates

Our professionals have extensive experience in trust and estate taxation. They can guide you through the complexities of planning and compliance. We’ll work closely with you to protect your assets, understand tax implications, and execute distributions according to your wishes.

IRS Representation

If you’re facing an IRS notice, audit, or examination, let us handle the communication and negotiations with the IRS on your behalf. Our IRS Enrolled Agents (EA) will be your trusted advocates, working diligently to protect your rights and interests.

Sales Tax Services

Sales tax compliance involves varying rates and regulations across different jurisdictions. We aim to streamline this process and ensure you fully comply with the relevant laws. From registration and filing to identifying sales tax exemptions and managing documentation, we can offer assistance and minimize the risk of costly penalties or audits.

Mergers & Acquisitions

The impact of taxes on mergers and acquisitions can greatly influence the outcome of these deals. The tax consequences can vary, ranging from a tax-free reorganization to a taxable transaction. Moreover, certain types of M&A transactions may have state tax implications. Our team offers extensive tax planning and advisory services to guide you through this process. We will carefully analyze the tax implications, structure transactions to maximize financial advantages and facilitate a seamless transition for your business.

Property Taxes

Managing property taxes, including personal property used in your business, is crucial for controlling costs and optimizing your financial position. Our professionals have the expertise to assist you in accurately assessing property valuations, identifying exemptions and incentives, and minimizing your property tax burdens.

Access to Full-Range Financial Planning and Wealth Management Services

Tax planning is just one aspect of achieving sustainable financial success. That’s why we offer comprehensive financial and investment strategies through our trusted affiliate, MBE Wealth. From investment strategies to retirement planning, we provide a full range of wealth management services to help you achieve your financial objectives.