Are you ready for USDA’s new organic certification requirements?

Are you ready for USDA’s new organic certification requirements?

Food & Beverage| March 21, 2024

Authored by MBE CPAs

The recent implementation of the National Organic Program (NOP) Strengthening Organic Enforcement (SEO) rule on March 19, 2024, marks a significant milestone for companies involved in importing and exporting organic products within the food and beverage industry. This rule, established by the United States Department of Agriculture, was designed to strengthen the integrity of organic goods throughout the supply chain, improving traceability and ensuring that all organic imports into the U.S. are properly declared and certified.

This development holds great importance for businesses engaged in selling, processing, treating, packing, containerizing, repackaging, labeling, or storing agricultural products, as it now mandates the inclusion of organic certifications and listing on a NOP import certificate for all such processes.

One key requirement of this new rule is that each certificate must feature a unique identification number, allowing for a transparent record trail or imports. This measure will assist in verifying the organic integrity of products as they make their way from certified organic exporters outside the U.S. to certified U.S. importers.

To effectively navigate the impact of this rule on the food and beverage industry, all parties involved must understand the SOE final rules, review their operations, and ensure compliance. To gain a deeper understanding of the SOE rule and its implications for the industry, we invite you to click the link below. Together, we can strengthen the integrity of organic products and foster growth within our community.

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